Business Enablers

Design and Business Process Automation Software Development. Right from initial process till end of full circle. Maintenance of process using software.

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Ideate Design Develop

Business runs on idea. Every idea needs technical support. Every idea becomes successful with responsible marketing.

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Media Mediate Leadership

Business leadership is bringing the brand to end user. More sales through media driven promotion.

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Technology Reach Sustain

Business grows with sustained efforts. Keeping the right audience in focus always.

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Knowminal is a young company growing confidently to achieve its mission. At Knowminal we believe that each day is an opportunity to improve our Knowledge in Marketing, IT Operations,business Networking, business Analysis and Learning(KNOWMINAL).

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Design & Content

Logo & Corporate identity, graphic design, web re design, design consulting, latest design concepts. Any Design is a work.

App Development

ERP, CRM, Custom Applications, Client Management, HR, Travel. Application Development for any business model.

Business Development

Online Marketing, Selling Products, SEO consulting, Adwords, Facebook Ads, Social Media Marketing. Online Promotion.

Latest Works

Mobile App

The world is mobile. The internet resides in your palm. With ubiquitous connectivity and endless computing powers, mobile devices are already ruling people.

Social Media

We design, create and admin social media development campaigns focused on branding and name recognition. Contact us today for a social networking campaign

Business Design

We combine business design expertise and innovative thinking with a strong practical focus. We work with you to design your organisation so that it performs at its best.

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